Information About Expert Panels

For more than 130 years, the RSC has been bringing together scholars and researchers from diverse disciplines to conduct expert, multi-disciplinary investigations on matters of public importance. Beginning in the 1980s, the RSC formalized one aspect of this endeavor by launching Expert Panels operating on the model pioneered by the US National Academy of Sciences. These Expert Panels, struck as a public service to Canadians, have provided insight, advice and recommendations to Canadian governments, industry and NGOs on public policy matters ranging from the health effects of asbestos to early childhood education. The work of the RSC’s Expert Panels ensures that there is independent, comprehensive, and evidenced-based input into the public policy development process in Canada.

For additional information on the RSC’s Expert Panel process please view the reference materials below.

Topic Proposal Form

Peer Review Process - January 18, 2010

Development of the Expert Panel Process in Canada

Manual of Procedural Guidelines

Assessments - An Overview