Our Academies

The RSC consists of three bilingual Academies embracing a broad range of scholarly disciplines and artistic fields.

Academy I is the Academy of the Arts and Humanities. There are three Divisions of Academy I: an Anglophone Division (I) - Humanities; a Francophone division (II) - Lettres et sciences humaines; and a bilingual Division for the Arts (III) - embracing architecture, creative writing, and the arts.

Academy II is the Academy of Social Sciences. There are two Divisions of Academy II: an Anglophone Division (I) - Social Sciences; and a Francophone Division (II) - Sciences sociales.

Academy III is the Academy of Science. There are four Divisions of Academy III: Applied Sciences and Engineering; Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences; Life Sciences; and Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Each Division of Academy III is comprised of both English-speaking and French-speaking Fellows.

Org Chart - Academies