Medals & Awards

The RSC  Medals/ Awards competition is now closed.

The 2018 winners for the following medal/awards will be contacted in the month of July. The public announcement will be released in late September 2018.

Humanities and Social Sciences:

Innis-Gérin Medal (Medal) - Awarded fordistinguished and sustained contributions to the literature of the social sciences including human geography and social psychology

J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal (Medal) - For outstanding work in the field of the history of Canada

Lorne Pierce Medal (Medal) - Awarded forspecial significance and conspicuous merit in imaginative or critical literature written in either English or French (critical literature dealing with Canadian subjects has priority over critical literature of equal merit that does not deal with Canadian subjects).

Ursula Franklin Award in Gender Studies (Diploma) - Awarded to a Canadian scholar for their contributions in the humanities and social sciences to furthering our understanding of issues concerning gender

Yvan Allaire Medal (Medal + $5,000) - For outstanding contribution in governance (Social Sciences)


Bancroft Award (Diploma) - Awarded forpublication, instruction, and research in the earth sciences that have conspicuously contributed to public understanding and appreciation of the subject

Flavelle Medal (Medal) - For outstanding contribution to biological science during the preceding ten years or for significant additions to a previous outstanding contribution to biological science

John L. Synge Award (Diploma) - Foroutstanding research in any of the branches of the mathematical sciences (preference to candidates under 40)

McLaughlin Medal (Medal) - For important research of sustained excellence in any branch of medical sciences.

Miroslaw Romanowski Medal (Medal + $3,000) - Awarded for contributions towards theresolution of scientific aspects of environmental problems or for important improvements to the quality of an ecosystem in all aspects - terrestrial, atmospheric and aqueous - brought about by scientific means

Rutherford Memorial Medals (one in Chemistry and one in Physics) (Medal) - For research in chemistry or physics - preference will be given to candidates under forty years old 

Willet G. Miller Medal (Medal) - For research in solid earth sciences & in ocean and atmospheric sciences

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